• and will help you find a contract for deed home in MN!

  • We will help you

    find a contract for deed home in MN!

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Do you want to own your own home but stuck renting? Are you tired of giving your money away to your landlord and want to buy a home in MN but don’t qualify for a mortgage? If so, there are some good news – you can still own your own house even if you have bad credit or no credit history at all! If you have a down payment and are able to make monthly payments – we will help you buy a perfect contract for deed home in MN. There are hundreds of owner financed homes in MN but you need to hurry because they sell fast!

The availability of contract for deed homes is very limited, but demand is very high so you have to act fast! Whether you are looking to buy a single family house, a town house, a condo, or a duplex – we will be with you every step of the way to find you a perfect property and guide you through this process. There are a lot of scammers out there so we encourage you to use licensed professionals (Realtors) and stay away from over the kitchen counter deals! Our services are completely free to you, so why not use us to help you buy a contract for deed home in MN?

Stop throwing your money away on rent and start building equity in your own home! There will be no more landlords telling you what to do and what not do. You will be able to do anything you want because it will be your home. Paint the walls the colors you want, have bonfires, start a garden that you wanted to have for so long and grow fresh greens and veggies, have your favorite pets and enjoy the benefits of home ownership. Don’t worry if you have bad or no credit hostory at all – you can still have all these things by buying a home on a contract for deed in MN and we will help you find it!

What is a Contract For Deed?

A contract for deed is an arrangement between the buyer and the seller where buyer makes payments to the seller for a specified period of time until all of the balance owed is completely paid off or a balloon payment is due. A contract for deed works similar to a typical mortgage except seller of the property is “the bank” who buyer is making monthly payments to.
Most of contract for deed sales in Minnesota would be structured with a 3-5 years balloon, interest rates ranging between 5-8% and a downpayment of about 10% (depending on the seller and the property). Balloon payment or the remaining balance owed to the seller would typically be financed through a bank or private party lender. If for any reason, buyer is unable to make a ballon payment, contract can be extended if both parties agree.
In a contract for deed home transaction, seller holds legal title to the property while buyer holds equitable title to the property. When buyer meets all of the requirements of the contract, seller is required to transfer legal title to the buyer. Equitable title allows a buyer to enjoy all of the benefits of home ownership. Buyer can live in it, rent it out, update/improve it and do anything that a typical home owner would do. However, buyer is unable to borrow equity funds against it, since he is not a legal title holder.

How Does Contract For Deed Monthly Payment Get Calculated?

Usually, monthly payments are structured just like any other mortgage payments except that you (as a buyer) would pay a higher interest rate (5-8% opposed to less than 4%) than you would financing the property through the bank. Your monthly payment would consist of interest and principal. Every time you make a payment, your interest portion would get reduced and principal portion would increase (However, your total payment amount would remain the same).
Real Estate market has been tough on a lot of sellers as well. Our goals is to help sellers sell a home fast by selling on a contract for deed to buyers who are looking for owner financed properties and can’t get a mortgage at the bank.

How our Contract For Deed process works

  • We find motivated sellers that will sell their house on a contract for deed
  • We find buyers that want to buy a home, have a down payment, and able to make monthly payments but don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage
  • We match buyer to a contract for deed home that best fits their wants and needs
  • We then execute the deal and make everybody happy! Sellers sell their property, receive a down payment and monthly cash flow. Buyers live in their own home and enjoy the benefits of home ownership!


Our #1 Goal is to give options both to the buyer and the seller! We don’t want a seller feel stressed because the home isn’t selling and we don’t want a buyer to be upset because bank denied a home mortgage application. At Home Solutions we strive to make everybody happy because that makes us happy too!

Our goal is to help sellers to sell a home fast and help buyers buy a home in MN!


  • There is almost NO QUALIFYING!
  • No formal applications, credit and background checks, unless sellers choses to do so!
  • Credit problems are OK – that’s why contract for deeds exist!
  • You can negotiate the interest you pay, down payment and price!
  • Flexible and negotiable terms!
  • No loan origination and other lender fees!
  • Lower closing costs!
  • No more renting and throwing your money away out of the window!
  • No more landlords to tell you what you can do and what you can’t!
  • You can finally have your own backyard!
  • You can finally have barbeques, bon fires, and trampolines in your backyard!
  • You can finally have a garden and grow your own fresh veggies and fruits!
  • You can finally paint the walls any color you like!
  • Unlike mortgage financing, cancellation process is very EASY and FAST!
  • What are the requirements? Well, there aren’t many
  • Reasonable Down Payment (usually 5%-10%+ of the purchase price)
  • Preferably a good rental history (if any)
  • Must have a source of income
  • A contract for deed in MN is a perfect way to buy a home even if you have less than a perfect credit score. Don’t let the banks and home mortgage lenders get your hopes down – you still can enjoy the benefits of home ownership and you don’t have to rent!