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Contract for Deed Homes in Circle Pines, MN

Circle Pines is a beautiful small town that benefits from all that the vast Twin Cities metro area has to offer. Whether your goal is to find a high-performing school district, solace in nature or an area with exquisite restaurants, contract for deed homes in Circle Pines are a great option!


This quaint town was intended to be a cooperative community, in which homeowners would own equal shares in a cooperative association that owned and developed the community. Developments of this nature grew in popularity during the 1940’s, and 3 visionary Minnesota men decided that it was time Minnesota try this city model. Thomas Ellerbe, who was the head of the architecture and engineering firm responsible for the construction of the Ramsey County Courthouse and Paul Steenberg, who was the president of the Steenberg Construction Company which built the Coffman Memorial Union on the campus of the University of Minnesota began drawing up plans for their new city. Joined by V.S. Peterson, the three conceptualized the future town of Circle Pines. The name of the town comes from the symbol for the cooperative movement in the United States, which was a circle encompassing 2 pine trees. The city is no longer a cooperative, but contract for deed homes in Circle Pines still rest on a piece of Minnesota history

Location, Location, Location

The quaint Rice Creek babbles through the center of town, giving buyers of contract for deed homes for sale in Circle Pines a perfect proximity to the sounds of nature. When residents need to navigate about town or head to the Twin Cities, they can hop right onto Interstate Highway 35W, County Road 23 or Lake Drive. Many notable people have called Circle Pines home, including 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit and Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Mary Jo Pehl! Nearby cities are Minneapolis, Saint Paul etc.


Circle Pines contract for deed homes are within Independent School District #12, which has 9 high-quality schools. Children from early education-5th grade can attend either Centennial Elementary or Golden Lake Elementary, middle schoolers head to Centennial Middle School and high school aged students are at Centennial High School. Centennial High School has a 97.5% graduation rate, which is the highest in the state, and 78% of the district’s teachers also have master’s degrees or higher!

To Do, To See

Residents can often be found relaxing at Golden Lake Park or dining at Bistro la Roux, Matthews Family Restaurant and Blue Collar Barbeque. Between sun bathing, fishing, volleyball, tennis and boating, owners of contract for deed homes in Circle pines are rarely for want of something to do!

Contract for Deed Homes in Circle Pines

This is a town with personality and charm, giving owners of contract for deed homes in Circle Pines the perfect Minnesota experience. The Antonov Group is one of only 3-4 experts in the Twin Cities when it comes to contract for deed homes. Give them a call today to help you find yours!

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Contract For Deed in Circle Pines, MN
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