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Finding Contract For Deed Single Family Homes in MN

If you are looking for contract for deed single family homes in MN, then you are in the right place! We have more homes for sale to choose from that are eligible for C4D financing options than any other real estate service in Minnesota!

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***Remember, ALL homes are available on C4D terms ONLY through third party investors and actual final price may differ

More Options

If you started searching for contract for deed single family homes in MN, you probably already know that there aren’t that many options to choose from because very few home sellers are actually willing to do owner financing. By choosing to work with The Antonov Group, you are not limited to a short list of homes!

Better Financing

To make your home search easier, we built a network of real estate investors that love working with home buyers in need of alternative financing options. This allows you to buy any home for sale in Twin Cities and surrounding areas regardless whether a home seller is offering contract for deed terms or not!

Better Service

The Antonov Group truly cares about each and everyone of our home buyers and will work with you even if your mortgage application was denied. Most real estate agents won’t work with you, unless you have a pre-approval letter in hand. But not us, we have tons of alternative options such as contract for deed single family homes, rent to own in MN, and tons of portfolio loan products from local banks!

Professionals that care!

Our dedicated team of real estate agents, loan officers, credit repair agencies and investors always makes sure that every contract for deed is a success. We understand the risks of contract for deed financing and are here to help you understand it better and make right decisions.

If you want to talk to an agent, simply fill out the form below or call/txt 612-840-6507 and one of us will get back to you!

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