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If you are looking for a lake home, vacation home or a family retreat on the lake there is no better state than Minnesota! With over 10,000 lakes in MN, the variety of lake homes for sale in MN is as diverse as the lakes themselves.

There are hundreds of lake homes for sale in MN currently listed but not all of them offer contract for deed financing. Some of them are contract for deed lake homes offered directly by the owners and others will have to be financed through third party investors. Typically, you will see higher priced lake homes in MN or lake homes in remote locations offered on contract for deed by owners directly. There are a lot less of contract for deed lake homes in MN available in more popular areas at more affordable prices.

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***Remember, ALL homes are available on C4D terms ONLY through third party investors and actual final price may differ

More lake homes for sale in MN to choose from

The Antonov Group wants to expose you to as many choices as possible so you are not limited just to a few contract for deed options. We built a network of real estate investors that allows you to search through all lake homes for sale in MN on the market regardless whether the owner is offering contract for deed terms or not. Typically, contract for deed price would be 5-10% higher than the price that investor pays.

Lake homes for sale values in MN

Lake homes for sale in Minnesota values depend on a lot of factors such as location, type and size of the lake, lakeshore frontage, abundance and popularity of the lake, construction type, seasonal vs yearly use, and so on. It is important to learn more about mn lake homes values prior to making a purchase.

Search lake homes for sale in MN

To start looking for a lake home in MN, simply use the search below or use one of the click links to get to the listings that you want to see. Remember, most of these listings will require third party investor in order for you to be able to buy a lake home on contract for deed.

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Tips when before buying a lake home in MN

Just like buying any other home, educating yourself about lake homes in MN should be a priority so you don’t end up buying a lemon. Here are a few tips and things to consider when thinking of buying lake homes for sale in MN.

Study and research the lake

The best place is to find information about any lake in Minnesota is to go to DNR’s LakeFinder website. Once there, you are able to look up DNR lake survey reports and search for lakes by name. DNR’s website is packed with useful information about MN lakes, fishing, recreational use info, licensing, docks and so on.

Decide seasonal vs yearly use

Determine the use purpose of your lake home. As we know, not every lake home is intended for yearly use. Some are just like 3-season porches and can’t be used in winter. There is an added maintenance cost as they need to be winterized every year. This limits you on how often you can use your lake property and also effects home value on the lake. If you are an avid fisherman and cannot live without ice fishing, then buying a seasonal lake home will mean that you will have conversion costs (if at all possible) to worry about so you can make it a year-round use. It also plays a vital role in financing a seasonal property as not all banks and lenders have correct loan programs for them.

Location and commute time to your lake home

Just like any other piece of real estate, location is very important when looking for lake homes for sale in MN. Most of the time your lake home is not going to be your primary residence so consider a commute under 3 hours from your place of residence. Take in consideration weekend traffic.

Lake Access vs Lake Front

You shouldn’t always rule out homes with lake access if you don’t have to be on the lake. Most of the time, it makes a lot more sense to have a lakefront property if it is going to be your primary residence. However, if your goal is to simply enjoy the lake and spend as much time on the lake as possible, home with lake access should fit your needs but it is for you to decide.

Don’t buy lake gear until you close

It gets very tempting to want to buy a new boat, fishing equipment, jet skis and other lake gear  but don’t do it until you actually close especially if you are planning to buy it on credit.

Do your due diligence

If you are planning on expanding or building onto existing structure, make sure to do your homework and find out everything you can about local rules so that you don’t buy a lake home and then find out you can’t what you planned. Do you Due diligence

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