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Contract for deed is an alternative financing option for home buyers that have less than perfect credit score or have non-traditional income. Although, contract for deed is an easier way to buy a house in MN than getting traditional FHA or conventional financing, it is more costly and more complex legally. It has lots of advantages as well as disadvantage and sometimes should be avoided.

As attractive as contract for deed financing may sound, it is not always the best option. Realizing the need for alternative financing options, The Antonov Group has built a great network of mortgage and finance professionals to help potential home buyers get into homes on better terms. Our team is dedicated to help you chose the right option that will work for you and your long term real estate goals.

It is important to understand that contract for deed is not a long-term solution, it is a short term financing option designed to help buyers like you to buy a home while you are working on improving your credit situation. The final goal is to get you qualified for a traditional FHA or conventional mortgage and refinance you out of a contract for deed as soon as possible.

There is a number of ways you can buy a home and using contract for deed financing is one of them. However, owner financing is very rare and not a whole lot of owners would be willing to sell on contract for deed so your choices are limited, but not with us. We have been working hard on providing more than one option for you. Here are some of the options that we offer:

Option 1: Contract For Deed Financing (through third party investor)

Requires 10-20% down payment. What does this mean? Not every owner is going to offer owner financing. In fact, there are only few owners out there offering contract for deed terms which makes selection of available homes for sale very limited and you may not be able to find a perfect house you are looking for. What did we do to solve this? We created a contract for deed program that allows you to buy any house on the market, regardless if seller is offering a contract for deed option or not. Interested to learn more about this option? Contact Us and one of our dedicated MN real estate agents will get back to you.

Option 2: Owner Financing.

There are sellers out there (not a lot of them) that offer contract for deed financing and some home buyers actually prefer this type of financing for a number of different reasons. Since availability of such homes is very limited, it sometimes might be a challenge to find the perfect home that you’ve been dreaming of. Expect to put own 10-20%. Do you want to see what homes for sale in MN are currently available on C4D? Sign Up to receive daily contract for deed listing updates to your email below! We will put you on our contract for deed wait list and will search for that perfect home that you’ve been looking for!

Option 3: Non-Profit Contract for Deed Financing.

This type of financing is less popular and more difficult to come by. Often times, non-profits that provide contract for deed financing run out of funds very quickly and shut down their C4D program so you always have to be on the lookout for new programs to pop-up. Also, qualification requirements are more strict and home buyers are required to take house counseling classes. Most of these programs are going to have income limits but will have low money down options.

Option 4: Use in house financing through a local bank.

Are you only a year or so away from being qualified? Is your credit OK but not perfect enough to get you approved for a mortgage? Do you have 20% down or more and ready to buy a home? If so, this might be the best option out of them all. Want to learn more? Contact Us and we will get in touch with you!

Option 5: Build a home on Contract For Deed.

Don’t see a house you like on the market? No problem – we can help you build a home on contract for deed! It doesn’t have to be one of the generic models out there, we work with Minnesota custom builders that care about building quality homes that truly meet your wants and needs. Our interior designer will work with you every step of the way to help you create a lovely space for you and your family! New construction contract for deed homes require 10-20% down.

Option 6: Lease with Option to Purchase (Rent To Own).

If you want to buy a house but not sure if it is the right time for you, or you don’t have enough money down…or whatever your reason might be, we have a perfect rent to own program that allows you to rent a home in MN with option to purchase (not an obligation).

Here is a quick video that explains you how it works:

Option 7: Not sure if CD is right for you?

No worries. We have a dedicated team of professionals that will work with you to help you repair your credit and get you back on track. Sometimes it might 30-90 days and sometimes it might take up to a year, but no matter how long it takes we will guide you every step of the way to make home ownership a possibility for you!

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